Classic $30 | Specialty $36 | Infused $42+ | MINis(24) $25


Fresh strawberry cake, layered strawberries, topped with a fluffy white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Customers CRAVE this favorite!!

*Seasonal ~ Available April-Sept.

Strawberry White Chocolate


If you are a caramel lover this one is for you... moist chocolate cake, homemade caramel center filling, cream cheese frosting, topped with extra pecans, homemade caramel, and chocolate syrup drizzle. I made this one after my favorite sundae from "Netty's" in my hometown Toledo, OH

Turtle Sundae

banana cupcake.jpg

Don't mistake this for a muffin, it is indeed a cupcake. Fresh banana cake, homemade vanilla pudding filling, creamy banana cream cheese frosting, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Banana Pudding 


  • Peach Cobbler: I start with my delicious vanilla batter, and top it with fresh cooked peaches from the stove top. It wouldn't be a cobbler without the pie crust, which is baked right on top of the peaches and then topped with a super light peach infused "fluff". This cupcake is a new family favorite!

  • Cookies & Cream: Are you a chocolate lover? Oreo lover? This moist chocolate cupcake is topped with a cookie crumble filled cream cheese frosting should remind you of one of my favorite ice cream flavors. It's topped with America's Favorite Cookie.          


  • Kahlua Mudslide: I created this flavor for my coffee lovers! This is a Kahlua Mudslide infused cake, topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, homemade caramel drizzle, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  • Almond Vanilla Bean: This mixture of flavors is for a more mature palate. Soft white almond cake, topped with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. If you love the ice cream, you will love this one too. ​​

  • Carrot: Whether you love carrot cake or not, this moist carrot cake topped with carrot cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of cinnamon is delicious! Great for the fall/winter months and holidays. Be sure to try these for all of your family gatherings... you won't disappoint.             

  • Buckeye: The "Buckeye" is a light german chocolate cake topped with a creamy peanut butter frosting brings your taste buds right back home every time.  O-H...! 

  • Key Lime Pie: First I start with a graham cracker crust, top it with a moist vanilla cupcake, fill it with a tangy key lime curd filling, and top it with a lime cream cheese frosting. it tastes JUST like the pie! (not available in mini)


  • Blackberry Lavender: This seasonal masterpiece starts with a lemon cream cupcake, topped with a fresh blackberry  & lavender infused cream cheese frosting. I created this for my Mom's birthday, and now it's a part of the family!

               *Seasonal ~ available April-Sept.



  • Lemon Cream: This cupcake is the very first & original cupcake and is definitely a family favorite. Very moist lemon cream white cake, topped with a tangy lemon cream cheese frosting. Just the right combination of sweet and tart lemon to give you a burst of flavor you're sure to love! 


  • Classic Chocolate: A Moist traditional chocolate cake made with pure cocoa powder, topped with my classic cream cheese frosting. Simple and delicious! 






​​ ​​​

Sweet Treats

Chocolate dipped pretzels $20/dozen

Chocolate dipped strawberries $20/dozen

Chocolate dipped krispie treats $20/dozen


Pound Cake: old-fashioned pound cake made from scratch, made with love (of course), and butter. Lots of butter! 

Whole Cake: $30

Banana Pudding: super creamy, fluffy goodness, layered with fresh ripe bananas and real Nilla wafers.

 Full Pan: $25 | 12 oz. individual $5 | 3 oz. shooters $20/dozen



Fondant decorations $0.75 (per cupcake) and up

Digital/edible cupcake images $15/dozen

Themed cupcakes decorations $0.50 (per cupcake) & up



My ancestor's recipe passed down to me by my Granny Barb. Old fashioned red velvet cake, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans. Original and delicious. 

Red Velvet


Delicious vanilla cake with sprinkles mixed in, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting & colorful sprinkles.

Get creative with this classic and customize these to your party theme by adding on some of our cool "additions". 

Vanilla Confetti

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